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Terms and Conditions

Male form includes female form

  1. Scope
    1.1 The General Terms and Conditions apply to products and services that are organized, sold and provided by ZNERGY® (Angela Fischer).

  2. Subscriptions
    2.1 Subscriptions are personal and non-transferable. Lessons (also called courses) can be attended from the age of 16 without the accompaniment of an adult. For minors, the signature of a legal guardian is required for the conclusion of the contract.

  3. Offer
    ZNERGY® offers different subscriptions, services and products in the areas of Zumba®, STRONG Nation®, Dance Workouts, Fitness and Wellbeing.

  4. General Terms and Conditions (GTC), Operating Regulations, Instructions
    The participant undertakes to comply with the GTC and the operating regulations and to follow the instructions of the staff. The local operating regulations and rules of the visited facilities apply.

  5. Weekly lessons of approx. 55 minutes
    5.1 The weekly lessons are offered as trimester subscriptions per location and weekday.
    5.2 All lessons per trimester and location must be paid at least 2 weeks before the start of a new trimester.
    5.3 The amount to be paid for lessons results from the effectively held lessons multiplied by the fee per lesson of CHF 20.00. For other fitness programs (e.g. STRONG NATION®, deepstretch, SILENTPARTY, events, weekend lessons, online courses etc.) different fee rates per lesson may apply. If a location is closed due to school holidays, cantonal recognized holidays, no lessons will be held on these days. No course fees will be charged on these dates, as well as in case of vacation absence of the instructor. All dates on which no lessons are held will be published before the start of the trimester.
    5.4 The contract for a trimester subscription or for a 10-lesson subscription is concluded after payment of the amount to be paid.
    5.5 Missed lessons can only be refunded if an accident or illness occurs and this is confirmed by a medical certificate. The medical certificate must be submitted to ZNERGY® within 5 days after the missed course. If a lesson of the trimester subscription is missed without a medical certificate, it can only be compensated in the previous or following week after prior consultation with ZNERGY®. If a lesson of the 10-lesson subscription for weekend lessons is missed, it can be compensated within the validity period of the subscription card at indoor or outdoor lessons on a weekend.
    5.7 The courses are taught exclusively by certified instructors.
    5.8 If a trimester course does not take place due to lack of participants or due to longer absence of the instructor, ZNERGY® reserves the right to cancel the corresponding course offer. Any course fees already paid will be refunded, minus the courses already held, to the corresponding participants.
    5.9 If a trimester course at a location cannot take place due to force majeure (water, fire, earthquake, pandemic), agreed trimester courses can be attended at another location or online. The date and time of these courses may differ from the original trimester subscription. A refund of the paid amount is excluded.
    5.10 For online courses, SILENTPARTYS and events, ZNERGY® does not guarantee the quality and stability of the transmission. A cable connection to the internet is recommended.

  6. Declaration of consent
    By purchasing a membership or participating in courses or events of ZNERGY®, the participants automatically accept and authorize the use of their own photos and videos for commercial, marketing or educational purposes, as long as they do not violate the good morals. ZNERGY® does not pay any compensation or license fee of any kind. The rights to photo and video material are exclusively owned by ZNERGY®.

  7. Products
    7.1 The contract for the purchase of a product is concluded with the payment of the agreed amount.
    7.2 No warranty is assumed for the products sold.
    7.3 The paid amount cannot be refunded for administrative reasons.

  8. Liability
    8.1 The use of the facilities and equipment in which courses and/or sporadic events take place is at your own risk. ZNERGY® or its staff are not liable for any damages resulting from an accident, injury or illness, this also applies to online courses. The conclusion of an insurance is the responsibility of the participants.
    8.2 ZNERGY® is not liable for the loss of effects, valuables, money, clothes and other items. The conclusion of an insurance is the responsibility of the participants.

  9. Violations
    Gross or repeated violations of the GTC, the operating regulations or instructions of the staff may result in a ban from the premises. There is no claim to a refund of the participation fees. In case of violations, criminal charges are expressly reserved.

  10. Changes GTC and Operating Regulations
    10.1 The participant expressly acknowledges that changes to the GTC and the operating regulations are reserved. The participant cannot derive any rights from a change of the GTC or the operating regulations. Swiss law applies. Place of jurisdiction is Lucerne.

    DECEMBER 2023