Our Mission – Your Well-Being

ZNERGY® offers dance workout classes, indoor and outdoor. I take your personal fitness level into account when instructing.

You will get a high and low intensity workout experience which leaves an after effect of happiness, achievement, and well-being. 

My Workout 4U

Offering you fun classes, keeping you in shape and leaving with a smile on your face is my passion and motivation for every single session. 

Sound Experience

You will enjoy the tailor-made playlists with state of the art sound equipment in the indoor classes. For the outdoor classes you will receive special headphones which allow you to experience the music at your preferred volume. Your senses will reach a new level of enjoyment.

Easy Outdoor

I organize outdoor fitness dance parties when weather conditions are dry. 
You can register easily without subscription one day prior to the lesson. 
You will have total flexibility in your time schedule.

ZNERGY – Playlist

For all the classes I create playlists with a huge variety of songs and rhythms. Every trimester you will enjoy a new set of music mixed in a professional way. Your training will contain high and low intensity workout (hiit).

Schedule of classes:

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ClassLocationDayTimingFor Register
ZumbaSempacherstr. 21b, 6003 LuzernTuesday18:30 A.M (55 min.)Click Here
ZumbaRösslimattstr. 37, 6005 LuzernWednesday18:30 P.M (55 min.)Click Here


ClassLocationDayTimingFor Register
ToningLIVE Streaming (via Zoom)Thursday9:00 A.M (60 min.)Click Here
ZumbaChurchill Quai, Luzern – Bushaltestelle SeeburgSaturday9:30 A.M (60 min.)Click Here

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Your Benefits of our Outdoor-Trainings

The first, and perhaps most important benefit, is that being in nature boosts feelings of well-being and life satisfaction. It will put your body and mind in natural balance. Your sleep quality will improve. Exercising outdoors increases our exposure to sunlight, enhancing vitamin D production. This is linked to improvement of the mood, the promotion of bone health, to the boosting of the immune system function and to the reduction of inflammation.

Packages at a Glance

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CHF 20.-

per Lesson / per Person

TRIMESTER 3 - 2022



per Person



CHF 5.-

per Person / per Lesson

What my Customers Say About my Classes

Customer feedback is very important to me. I strive to steadtily improve the quality of my classes. Read and watch below some of their comments:

News and Information

Stay tuned and up to date! Watch new choreos, obtain information about upcoming classes and events in the section below.

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About me

My name is Angela 🙂 Born and raised in Ecuador. I moved to Switzerland in 2007.  Having discovered my passion for dancing already in my teenage years I first started my career in a different field: in graphic design.  

I started my journey as a dance workout teacher in 2014 when I obtained my certification as a Zumba® Instructor. 

In 2020 when the pandemic broke out I started classes online and outdoor. I particularly appreciate exercising outdoors as it is extremely beneficial for our health. 

Nowadays I teach Zumba® and dance-fitness lessons for fun following my mission to bring happiness and well-being to my students. 

Stay tuned as I further widen my knowledge and horizon with additional fitness formats.


Find here some answers on the most frequently asked questions.

ZNERGY® stands for positive energy, connected with fun and well-being.

You can join an indoor class at any time during the trimester.

You can apply for a refund of the indoor classes you are not able to join due to health issues by presenting a valid health certificate.

My classes are open for any level of skill. The important thing is to join on a regular basis. I will make sure that you can follow by giving focus and clear instruction of the choreos.


Do you have any questions or remarks. I look forward to hearing from you. Just fill out the form below.